I was born and raised in Utah, and have worked in the Southwestern United States since 1989. I currently reside in Cedar City, serving as the manager of the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum.

Educated and trained as an archaeologist, my work with gourds reflects my keen interest in the cultural history of the American Southwest. As an avid organic gardener, I began growing gourds a number of years ago. After drying them, a process of three to six months, my knowledge of prehistoric use of gourds inspired me to apply my creativity to this versatile, but challenging medium.

The earth tones, mold patterns, various shapes, and nutty smell of the gourds appeal to me. When working with gourds, I prefer to let the natural characteristics of each one determine what I do with it. Rarely do I hide the gourd beneath paint, or try to repair or remove a flaw. Occasionally, I will cover the natural surface for a particular affect, but the majority of my designs reflect tradtitional patterns and symbols.

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